There’s Always Another Solution

I’m wondering if students are coming out of college prepared to work in a studio and have what it takes to succeed. When a young designer is given the task of creating a solution while working on-site as either an intern or new employee, do they do as required, or do they expand their thinking and create alternates?

I have encountered newbe designers on quite a few occasions, who showed me what they thought I meant for a project, but didn’t try what they thought might be a better solution.

I am telling you right now. Just because I have been designing for 30 years, doesn’t mean my way is the right way, every time.

As a creative person, I know that each and every designer has the ability to make a statement, make their mark and to change what we believe. I am not intimidated by young designers, I’m inspired by them.

Every creative leader should welcome and give young designers the free-thinking pass to do what you asked for, alongside what they envision.

Just look at this link to all the posters created for the World Cup Soccer from the last 84 years. Same thing, different solutions, every time. Bravo!


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