Skillset and the Right Experience

Each week comes along with a variety of experiences. Businesses that need branding, book design or a website, and each request is different. However, the one thing they all have in common is wanting someone with the right experience, that doesn’t just do the job, but can advise them on the best route to get there, based on the specific goals they have.

Most clients may know what they need, but not necessarily how to get there.

Specific-Skill-Set-of-a-SharePoint-Consultant-Finding-the-Answers-You-Need-ABFor example: a client may need a logo, and just considering an end result of a jpg or gif image for their website’s top header spot. But what about when they decide to run an advertisement, want to create business cards, or need to send someone else their logo for usage. This little jpg is not going to work.

It’s an experienced branding designer that knows a logo must be created as a piece of artwork, a vector file (.eps) first, using either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Freehand. Once this original format is created (which is expandable to billboard size), only then can you create all sorts of other sizes and formats.

The same is true for a website or blog. Sure, today many can install WordPress and start blogging. But it doesn’t mean that person has any design and structure skills or knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). In addition, just because you put it up there, doesn’t mean that those searching on the web will find it, nor admire it, and save the bookmark or call. Each website, like each unique logo and business, needs a brand strategy. It’s through careful and consistent marketing and business development that we earn respect and new clients.

It’s like that old advertisement that used to run on TV, “I may look like a Doctor, but I really just play one on TV.”

I wouldn’t presume to know anything my Doctor or Lawyer has trained all those years to advise me on, and I’m sure they feel the same.

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