The Difference Between and

…or who owns your website and the content within, them or you?

This question comes up all the time.

Do I start a website at or and what’s the difference? is a free space where you can create an account, start a blog, and begin blogging. However, you are limited in the look and style, as well as the plugins you are able to add for functionality. In addition, you can’t collect the content and move the site elsewhere, because the content is literally on the site.

Now is a vastly different experience where you download the FREE software (zip) or install the software at any hosted space.

For example: Visit (or another hosting company, Westhost, Hostgator), and purchase economy hosting along with the domain name of your choosing. A domain name is usually around $10 per year, and hosting $4 a month. I recommend beginning with 2 years the first time you’re setting it up.

Once set up on GoDaddy, just go to your dashboard and install WordPress. It’s quite easy to do, and your hosting company can even do it for you, if you call them.

Now you’re building your own website/blog using the WordPress software, where you are free to select a theme, hire a designer to customize that theme for you or have a designer create a custom one and begin adding plugins for functionality. You’re ready to create pages, blog posts, add photos, video, galleries and more! If you ever decide to change hosting, you can move this site elsewhere, because it’s yours.

I have a FREE WordPress course on Udemy which will help get you started.
WordPress Easy Step-by-Step

Still need help? Looking for a custom designed WordPress site? I’m ready to answer your questions and help you reach your goals.

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