Before and After Websites for Better Brand Positioning

Sovereign Logistics – New Multilingual Website

International transportation service company Sovereign Logisitics recently opened a branch in Jersey City. With offices globally, it was time to build a fresh, new website.

We picked up their established brand logo colors of gold and wine and adding some impressive stock imagery, we have launched phase one of their website in English. Coming soon will be the content in Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese, along with other socially engaging features.


Salz Consulting – New Marketing Website

Once you have a new product to sell, the best brand/marketing questions to ask yourself are, “Do I have the right look? Am I communicating in the best way to push this new offer out to others online and offline to have it succeed?”

Nancy L. Salz has a background in marketing as well as being an accomplished author. She knew we needed to revise her website and give it a more polished look as she reveals her new one-on-one strategy sessions.

We didn’t want to change the website so much that her current audience wouldn’t recognize the established business, so we picked up some of the previous colors, as we rebuilt the website and created a new wordmark and added other functionality.


Riesner Consulting – Bolder Look for Dental Practice Management

When Flossie Riesner first contacted me years ago, she was interested in branding and marketing for both her web presence and print marketing. We worked with Samantha Wise to create a caricature of Flossie, which she’s still using today on her business cards and other print pieces, but in this newly redesigned website, we’re showing off a lovely new portrait and we’ve rebuilt the look across the web to include Riesner Consulting’s social media pages too. Flossie loves to showcase her clients as you’ll see in the testimonials and gallery sections.


Whether redesigning a website you created years ago or one someone else did, always be aware that it is all about the user experience. That’s why in these website redesign cases above we kept something familiar, so that when the customer visits, they are welcomed by a fresh take on something they recognize.


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