What Happened to Customer Service?

When it comes to the banking industry, I’m beginning to wonder how any of these institutions keep their customers.

For years I waited for a particular bank to open a branch in my neighborhood. It never materialized and luckily the banking app came along, so now I don’t need to go there anyway.

Then, for a different bank, I have gone in to ask for help. On one occasion, wanting a new blank register book, and it took 3 people and 20 minutes for someone to find one. On a second occasion, being turn away with the bank saying they couldn’t help me.

Then recently I was out and about with a friend and he needed to visit a bank because he had lost his bank card and needed a new one. We looked online and found a branch nearby that was open on the weekend. We went to the branch, which was open, just not open for business. They offered us a coffee and snack from their buffet table, but couldn’t actually help us with our problem.

Don’t even get me started on what you have to do if you need to call your bank on the phone. I was charged twice for something and I wrote the bank a message about the charge. Two days later I get an email saying they have returned a charge, but for a wrong amount and not the item I questioned.


I remember another time when banks wanted your business so badly, they would give you a free toaster or blender if you opened an account.

I guess their only concern these days, are their own profits.

Sunbeam Toaster on Wikimedia commons - photo by Donovan Govan

Sunbeam Toaster on Wikimedia commons – photo by Donovan Govan

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