For Design: Branding and Design for those in Need

Tell us about “For Design.” When did you launch your business and what is your mission?

For Design in Luxembourg

For Design in Luxembourg

We started For Design ( in April of this year. The whole idea behind it was to make  graphic design available to anyone by giving those who don’t have the necessary money the opportunity to invest in it. We believe that every human being has the potential to make the world a better place and that designers can help them to share and achieve their goals.


Why do you believe branding, including logos, graphic design and web design is important for non-profit organizations and other businesses that help the public?

It is important because if the company design is good, it will transmit a good impression, but if it’s bad, it will do the opposite, people will not trust them. Nowadays image is everything, and people tend to buy or support brands that have a better design. That’s why we believe that good design can help organizations share their message and reach more people.


Tell us about a few of the businesses you’ve helped and the difference it has made?

One project that comes to mind is Swiss Escape. It is a co-living and co-working place for digital nomads in the Swiss Alps. We stayed there for two weeks in exchange of designing their branding and website. Our first impression of the place was not so good because their design didn’t transmit how amazing the place was. To design their branding we were inspired by the nature that surrounds the place and the experience of living there. It’s a place where people can escape from their busy normal lives and work in a completely different atmosphere, so we transmit that with the design.

Swiss-Escape by For Design.

Swiss-Escape by For Design.

Another one was the branding that we did in Prague for Mentores Para Portugal. It is a group of mentors that assist and advise young Portuguese people that are finishing their studies and starting their careers. When we started it was just an idea, and when we finished the design, the project founder said to us “Now it exists.”


Are you focused on certain types of businesses and/or locations?

We focus on helping small companies, startups, and personal projects that in the beginning don’t have enough money to invest in design. We think that the location doesn’t matter, but since we can’t be everywhere we are creating a platform to let other designers do it too.


How do you select the businesses to help when there may be so many in need?

During our trip around Europe we were limited, because since we traveled with a van and we had to pay for our fuel we couldn’t go very far. After receiving many requests we decided our route and which ones we could help.

For Design working in Switzerland.

For Design working in Switzerland.


Where do you get the funds to support your efforts? Fundraising? …and how do you market yourselves to receive those funds?

We saved money for one year to do this, and we had a sponsor called Tintas CIN that also helped us. We tried to do a crowdfunding campaign to expand our route and help us reach more people, but unfortunately, just a few people donated to it, so we couldn’t do it.


Where have you been so far and where are you going next?

In the last four months, we traveled around Europe. We visited fifteen countries and we did five websites and four branding projects. Now we are trying to reach Africa because there are two projects that need our help. One in Kenya and the other one in Uganda, where the Better Me Foundation ( and Bery’s Place ( provide food, shelter, education and healthcare for over 300 children in need. We will help them reach more people with our design, with the daily works and give creative workshops to the kids. The only thing that is holding us back is the price of the flight tickets. This is why launched another fundraiser ( and 100% of the donations will go towards our flight tickets to Kenya and Uganda and if the funds exceed the price of the tickets, the remaining funds will be donated to both the Better Me Foundation and Bery’s Place. We are also looking for sponsors to help us take things that the kids need.

For Design working in the van.

For Design working in the van.








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