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Susan’s course on Udemy that teaches you the best social media strategies for interaction and engagement with your WordPress site! (Of course these lessons can be applied to most websites, not just WordPress.) 10 sections and 24 videos! Social websites covered are YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Pinterest, Amazon and more!


Entrepreneurship Podcasts

Broadcast Louder, sponsored and hosted by Susan Newman Design Inc, has been featuring successful entrepreneurs in this online educational library. There are 57 podcast episodes on branding and empowerment, social media and networking practices, time management, crowd funding and so much more. 57 hours of instruction, and each podcast features a different, successful entrepreneur from around the world! This series is a wealth of information and all for FREE!

Visit >> Broadcast Louder – Turn Up the Volume on Your Brand!


Website Building and Social Media Tutorials:

WordPress vs Concrete5 Functionality

Using YouTube Properly – Naming, Tagging, and Designing Your Channel to Match Your Branding

Using Facebook to Advertise Your Business or Cause and Why This is an Economical Way To Lure Customers

Defying Gravity: Dropping a Blog’s Bounce Rate to Under 1%

Tutorial on Using “Social” Media More Effectively to Engage

WordPress Easy Step-by-Step Video Course on Udemy

WordPress for eHow.com – Demand Media Studios

Series #1 – 10 videos WordPress Tips & Tricks

Series #2 – 10 videos WordPress Tips for Success

Series #3 – 10 videos Taking Advantage of WordPress

Series #4 – 10 Videos Getting the Most from WordPress

Series #5 – 10 videos WordPress: Tricks for Success

New Playlist on my own Channel

A variety of videos on WordPress which I created for eHow have been collected for a new playlist on my YouTube channel.

2013 is a Wrap and Here Comes 2014! | Branding YOU Better!

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