Making Connections for Business By Joining Groups – It Does Work!

I thought I’d write a bit about how you can gain clients when you become a member of certain types of groups. Like other designers, I’m a member of design organizations, such as the AIGA and Freelancer’s Union. On LinkedIn, I’ve joined various creative types of groups and these are great for design discussions and feedback.

When you join other types of groups such as The Nature Conservancy and Think Green (green or environmental) or  NY/NJ Business Owners or Ladies Who Launch (business) you open yourself up to potential work for thousands of business people. As you participate in discussions, or start ones of your own, on subjects your passionate about, other members get to know you and may look at your profile and connect with you. This is totally different than on Facebook which is and should remain a social gathering for fun or to enlighten others with important information.

Last year, I joined the women’s organization, Savor The Success, and I have met so many women in the past year. Each month we meet and learn about new businesses and have small group discussions that are quite helpful. Tonight I’ll be meeting one of the women for dinner before the meeting so we can talk more fully about ways we can help each other. By attending meetings and through participation on the website discussions, I’ve been gaining clients. What’s marvelous about this is that word of your accomplishments can spread and then even more people learn about you and that metaphorical snowball can just get larger and larger.

We all know that the best way to gain clients is for people to pass your name around, and what better way than through members of groups who you’ve finished a project for. They can recommend you whole-heartedly because they loved what you did for them.

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