WordPress Video Tutorials – 3 Beginner Lessons For Creating An SEO Rich Website

I have created a few simple video tutorials using the software Camtasia, which will help beginners using WordPress understand some of the most important aspects available. It’s an easy content management system, and if used properly, taking advantage of plugins and settings, will be SEO (search engine optimization) rich.

“If you build it RIGHT, they will come.” You have to help them find you! Below are the first three samples.

***This applies to WordPress being installed on your hosted server, not free websites within WordPress itself.

WordPress Overview

Adjusting the Settings to Optimize your Content

Adding a Post, SEO Tags, Title, Description and Categories

To watch the full 11 video WordPress series go to my courses on Udemy >> WordPress Tutorial Course on Udemy by Susan Newman .

The other videos include:  Adding and Activating Plugins, Adding a Photo or Gallery Within a Post, Advanced Dynamic Plugins/Widgets for Your Sidebar and TinyMCE Advanced Styling, Uploading and Creating a Gallery of Images Using a Gallery Plugin, Custom Rotating Headers, Both Blogging and a Portfolio in One Theme, and Naming your Pages and Images so they are SEO Ready.

If there are specific tutorials you’d like me to create, just email me. I will creating more tutorials for WordPress as new plugins and features come out.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Video Tutorials – 3 Beginner Lessons For Creating An SEO Rich Website

  1. admin Post author

    Dawn, I’m so happy that you found them helpful and you can watch them whenever you need to. I’m going to create more tutorials, are there any specific areas you don’t understand or need more help understanding? – Susan

  2. Andrea

    Wonderful, Susan!

    I know Word Press pretty well but I learned quite a bit watching your tutorials. They were easy to understand and moved at a pace that allowed me to watch a learn.


  3. SEO Tutorials

    Great video tutorials, however there are a few more SEO plugins for WP:

    All in One Webmasters – This allows you to quickly add verification files for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

    Yoast SEO – Alternative for AIO SEO.

    301 Redirects – I sometimes like to redirect example.com to seotal.com/example-page

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