Heavy Loaded Web Content: Stop the web pages that are too long and oh so slow

On the web there are all sorts of content driven sites… blogs, company web sites, informational data entries and the long, video, audio, picture loaded sales pages. Let me say right now in a world where we want everything right now, if your page doesn’t load within 30 seconds, not only am I gone, but I’m now mad, because you have wasted my valuable time.

We all want to get to the point and be quick about it.

I just clicked on a link from what I thought was a reliable source and was hit with an ever loading, truly long, video polluted page. Give me a break! If you think I’m sticking around for the 6th or 10th video to load, you are mistaken.

As a web designer, I am all about fast loading, smartly tagged, keyword rich content. In other words, seo friendly, seo rich, low resolution imagery and video. I find it sad when people want so much to be heard,  will just put any old thing up there and just don’t understand how to present themselves the right way. I’m not talking about design right now, which is a whole other issue. If I could raise a magic wand and make all the sites and pages perfect… I would, but since I don’t yet have those powers, I’ll do it one client at a time.

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