YOUR Branding Success Story! I’m Featuring YOU!

The “Branding YOU Better” Brand Interview Series

Why is branding so important and why do I talk about it 24/7?

Without a unique and strong brand identity along with sincere messaging, how do you expect customers to “get you” and then do business with you? A successful brand is one that you can easily picture in your mind. You get a feeling and sense about that company as well as are able to imagine their logo and design look, color palette, immediately in your mind. If I said “Apple,” I’m sure you could describe their brand in great detail, not just their logo and color palette and the way their online presence looks, but their clever tv advertising, computers, iphones, ipods, and more…

A few months back I started a brand interview series, and to date have published 28 interviews. I enjoy reading each and every one, (as do others) including how they developed their brand, in what order, who they engaged to help them, whether they studied through webinars, what charities they support, and if they use “green” printing technology. The response has been wonderful. The readership of this blog has quintupled and continues to grow with each new one published and as a bonus, the bounce rate dropped to 1%, proving that content is indeed king, and people love reading other people’s stories.

If you would like to be featured, just download the pdf, fill it out fully, and email it back to me along with your online links, photograph of yourself (approximately 3″ x 5″) and any products, graphics, logos, screenshots, and video, you’d like included. If you would prefer a Skype interview, contact me and we’ll schedule it.

To see the other interviews, visit Brand Interviews.

Just a few of the Brand Interviews so far!

brand interview collage

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