Broadcast Louder: 2 Savvy Business Women on a Mission to Help Artists and Other Creatives


Are you ready to LEARN what you need to build YOUR business as successfully as you create your Art?
Andrea Rosenfeld (Open Studio Coach) and Susan Newman (Susan Newman Design Inc) have teamed up!


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We’ve been friends and colleagues for years, working with each other and bouncing ideas off of one another. We realized that together, we are a powerhouse of resources and experience and have an incredible amount of information to share with other Creatives in business.

We’ve launched Broadcast Louder because you are a spectacular artist and your work deserves to be seen, heard, purchased and enjoyed!

Broadcast Louder will teach you in our 8-week teleseminar series,
Creativity + Abundance 1.0

Class 1 – Go BEYOND the Logo – Understanding Exactly What “Branding” Is
(Guest Expert – Todd Radom, Todd Radom Design)
Class 2 – One-of-a-kind vs Limited Edition Art Products
(Guest Expert – Mark T. Smith, Professional Fine Artist)
Class 3 – Costing Challenges for Your Products – Why It’s More Than Just Math?
(Guest Expert – Julie Steelman, Effortless Affluence)
Class 4 – Blogs, Websites, CMS and E-commerce, Oh My! Which Is Right for Your Biz?
(Guest Expert – Gina Nieves, Marknet Group)
Class 5 – Social Media, Online and Offline Visibility or Mind Your Manners on the Internet!
(Guest Expert – Ted Rubin, CollectiveBias)
Class 6 – Time Management is Doable but Different for Everyone
(Guest Expert – Payson Cooper, Transformational Jewelry and Easy Marketing Secrets)
Class 7 – Reach a Wider (yet targeted) Audience by Repurposing your Creative Content Across the Web
(2 Guest Experts – Denise Wakeman, founder of The Blog Squad and Stephanie Vozza, Author)
Class 8 – Public Relations – Expose Yourself (legally)
(Guest Expert – Robyn Hatcher, SpeakEtc)

Listen in to our first FREE Class that aired on October 11th, 2011 with Special Guest Expert, Debbie Ingle, First Class Female Society.

Our mission
To bring together creatives from all industries, to give them a voice, allow them to share their wisdom and experiences and learn from each other. To build a network of professional artists that will educate and allow them to reach their business and artistic goals.

Why you need Broadcast Louder
There are other programs that help grow businesses but they don’t speak directly to the creative community like we will.

As professional artists, who are also savvy business owners, we speak your language and understand what you need for your creative business. We will be providing you with content and you are going to be able to interact with us, network with other artists through our private group and ask us questions that everyone in the class can benefit from.

Now that you understand that we’re here to help artists build their businesses, we want to explain why we’ve created Broadcast Louder and go over some of the benefits it will bring to you.

Every business built around creativity needs a brand that’s in alignment, to help keep their unique business memorable and in people’s minds. We are not speaking about a logo, per se. A brand is more than that. It’s about building trust and communicating your message successfully, so that potential clients understand you and your mission.

We are going to teach you the best marketing practices that will expand your visibility and propel your creative business to gain a larger targeted audience and new sales opportunities.

You have specific business goals and a unique product but you’re not sure what steps to take next to grow in the direction that’s right for you. Broadcast Louder is here to guide you through this process.

So Turn Up the Volume on Your Art Brand!

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