Is It Still Possible To Have Privacy on the Web?

Woman with dark glasses being secretive and privateWith the assorted private groups on Facebook, I started thinking about the ways we can still have privacy on the web, or if I’m just dreaming. If I post in one of the private groups I belong to, no one is supposed to see that post except the people in the group, but can I tag someone in a photo or video who isn’t part of the group. Then they see that post, right? Not so private, if that’s doable.

LinkedIn also has groups and I’m wondering the same thing, when commenting, is it only within the group or does that information show up elsewhere?

You can register the domain for a website you want to create and pay extra to the host to make the ownership private, if you don’t want anyone to know about it. Once you start that website be careful though, if you use an email for that website that has a “gravatar” image attached to it and start commenting, your picture will be right there to let them know who you are! So be sure to create a new email account to go with the domain and website, so it all stays anonymous.

I remember a few years back and client asked me to just have her name and email link on the contact page of her new website, and didn’t want the address displayed. I thought to myself, ” Do you think they can’t Google your email or name and find out everything easily?”

Last week someone asked me about our Frogs Are Green kids’ art contest and whether we were displaying the kid’s names, city and/or country. I said yes if they were providing the information. Not their full address of course and in some cases the children are part of a school, so just the school name and city.

At events everyone has their iPhone, digital camera, video camera and the next day or so it’s up on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube.

So, what privacy do we have left anymore?

I suppose you all can’t see me typing in my office right now, so I still have some.


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