Brand Interview: John Etheridge, Illustrator

Brand Interview: John Etheridge, Illustrator

John Etheridge Illustrator

How long has your company been in business? Please tell us a bit about your company, its mission, goals…

I’ve been drawing ever since I was able to pick up a crayon, but officially I have been in business creating illustrations since around 1988.  While starting out doing traditional scratch board illustrations,  around 15 years ago my wife Cindy (an incredible graphic designer) convinced me to use the computer. I developed a whimsical style as well over the years which I also enjoy. The projects I have worked on over the years range from packaging, editorial, books, advertising and design.

Artwork by John Etheridge

Do you donate to charities? Tell us about that also and why.

I have donated some of my work but have donated much time volunteering at my daughters public school with much of it artwork based. There are many things that over past few years that the school has kept me busy with. Helping to produce costumes for plays, producing hanging artwork for seasonal displays, overseeing craft projects in class and overseeing the creative process for the schools entries into a nationwide poster competition for Canada or just some of the art based things I have done.  Helping children with their everyday work, reading sessions, and lunchroom supervision are also part of it. The whole experience has been more rewarding then I could have ever imagined.

Artwork by John Etheridge

How did you know what typeface (font) would be right for your company wordmark or logo? If your logo has an illustration, describe why that art was the right thing, animal, place, object, etc…

Currently I do not have a permanent company logo or wordmark but with every promo piece my name is incorporated with some type of my illustration.

How did you decide which type of designer to work with, or did you design your own identity and web presence?

When I do work with a designer for promotion purposes it is always my wife Cindy Jeftovic. She has a great design range and incredible conceptual awareness.

Artwork by John Etheridge

In what order did you present your company to the world? Did you start with marketing and products, or website, blog and social media?

I started out when there was no web so it was all pounding the pavement with cold calls, showing a traditional portfolio while using postcard mailers and directory’s to advertise.  I don’t advertise in directory’s anymore. I have a web presence on several sites though which people find me. I have also used Facebook and Linkedin during the last 2 years.

Elmer Artwork by John Etheridge

Do you advertise locally in newspapers and/or nationally in magazines? Are they effective?

I do not advertise in newspapers or magazines. I use primarily the web and email promotion for my work along with word of mouth and the occasional limited targeted printed mailing.

Artwork by John Etheridge

When you printed your products, packaging, business cards and other print marketing did you choose an online printer or visit a local vendor?

When printing any promo pieces these days I like to support local businesses. I know how hard the recent economic slide has hit people so if I can support someone local then I do it.

Frg Art by John Etheridge

Have you ever used “green” technology in printing, using FSC certified papers or recycled paper and if not, how likely are you at trying this on a next project?

When I need printed pieces I try to use recycled paper if at all possible for my promotions.

If you sell products, are they produced in the USA or abroad?

I currently am not selling any products.

Artwork by John Etheridge

Is there anything you haven’t yet tackled, but will want to do soon?

There are a number of things I would still like to work on.  I would love to work on some more book projects.  Something where through a quantity of illustrations where you can establish a look and feel to the story and characters. I have also written a couple of unpublished children’s books as well which I hope one day to have published. It would be a thrill to illustrate something I had written as well.

Lighthouse Artwork by John Etheridge

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When I need printed pieces I try to use recycled paper if at all possible for my promotions.

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