Blog Frequency Experiment and ROI

I hosted a free webinar with Louis Tanguay, managing director of Circle Marketing, “Ultimate Marketing Tips” where he talked about the data… the ROI based on frequency of blogging, so I put it to the test.

Posting just about once a week, should give me a 58% ROI based on the study by HubSpot (see chart below). Notice how if I post less frequently like once a month it goes down considerably. I hit that publish button and someone calls or emails me within 8-12 hours. Everytime.

blog frequency chart on ROI by HubSpot

Being someone who studies Google Analytics for my sites, I was able to gauge how the posts were working and why.

Here’s what I’ve discovered

I’m always telling my clients to keep their websites updated, adding new pages, content, video, and galleries, so it makes sense that the frequency of blogging would be the key to attracting more eyes and new clients.

Why? Because blogging is adding new and valid content to your site, building on the base you’ve established. Each post adds fresh content along with long-tail keyword phrases, new imagery or video, accumulating and building more search-worthy information. Plus, each time you actually “publish” you are refreshing your site and the search engines recognize that and move you up again as the answer to someone’s query. If you are adding new images or video/audio and they are named and tagged properly, they too will add beneficial SEO.

Social Media and Email marketing to Build Further on the Blogging

If you are using social media and email marketing, and sharing your new blog posts, you are reminding those that already follow about what you’re passionate about, as well as attracting new views.

How to Keep up the Frequency

The trouble sometimes is what to write about. I suggest giving yourself a steady variety of stimuli each day. I read articles, watch videos, read and share on social media and community sites, as well as content sharing sites. I also watch movies and tv, listen to music, go to gallery openings and events, etc. The more you experience the more you can share with others and have your own personal viewpoint.

blog frequency experiment 2012 by Susan Newman

6 thoughts on “Blog Frequency Experiment and ROI

  1. Ileane

    Hi Susan, thanks for sharing the HubSpot data. I totally agree that frequent updates bring in more traffic and eventually more ROI. I post pretty often because I have so many guest authors. The weekends are always slower which is to be expected.

  2. Renae

    I’m relieved to here Ileane say that weekends are slower for her too. I just started this daily vlogging thing two and a half months ago and I’ve noticed that trend myself. I wasn’t sure if it was normal.

    This is fab info. Thanks!

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Renae, Thanks so much for commenting. I’m reading some of the latest posts on Ileane’s blog, and especially the latest on Pinterest… I’m so glad I made this post “pin worthy” with 2 images and I must spend a bit more time there also, hense sending more traffic back.

  4. Peggy Duncan

    Great stuff! Every time I create a video for YouTube, I write a blog post. I send the new links to my email list with links to various posts. When they click over, the blog gets a tick. And when they view the video, my YouTube channel gets a tick.

    When I create a new blog posts, it automatically posts to my social media sites…same with my YouTube uploads.

    The Feedjit widget shows me in real time where people are coming from, how they got there, and what they’re reading.

  5. admin Post author

    Hi Peggy, I couldn’t agree more with all that you are doing. On that note, email marketing today! – Susan

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