Does Your Photoshoot Need Art Direction?

Mission Fifty office spaces in Hoboken, NJ

I entered the location of my photoshoot, Mission Fifty in the Penthouse of the Hoboken Business Center and was pleasantly surprised to see how spacious it was. Assorted private offices and conference rooms of different sizes to choose from. We were shooting in one of the larger conference rooms, a WordPress video series I’m doing for eHow.

The first thing I did was walk around the room holding up my hands in camera mode looking for the right angle. Looking out the windows, seeing the views, so if by chance there’s a bit of the outside in the frame, it looks good. Removing or moving things that wouldn’t look just right. Deciding on which end of the table to sit at, I started unpacking my props. I brought with me my laptop and 3 different magazines, each important reading for my business, (National Geographic, Inc, and Graphic Design USA) so the tabletop isn’t bare.

Next, I had brought a few different outfits. It’s always a good idea to try softer and brighter colors and wear solids if you can, which look good on camera. I also brought a jacket. It was interesting to see afterward that the sleeveless blouse looked nicer and friendlier in the videos, whereas the ones with the open jacket didn’t look as nice. I asked to watch the first video, so I could see the distance he’s shooting from and exactly what was in the frame.

This is the most critical part. Look very carefully at the surrounding area behind and to the sides, to see if the framing should be tighter, or moved to block out things you do not want seen. It also gives you the chance to move if the framing isn’t working.

WordPress is a topic I am quite fluent in, so that helped the words flow easily. We created all the videos pretty quickly and they should be online very soon. (Links to follow.)

We have another shoot set up for later this month, so I’m going to think on some other props that might add to scene for the next series. Preparation and visualization is the key.

eHow video shoot with Susan Newman


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  1. Lynne

    Yes photoshoots need art direction. Looking good is always a positive thing. Looking forward to the videos. Thanks!

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