Can a Signature Move Be Considered Branding?

Yesterday I was walking down the street in Jersey City Heights, around the corner from my home and as I am coming up upon a few people sitting outside, a squirrel heads towards me. It stops, moves left, then right. Looks at me, then at them. As I watched this little animal move back and forth all I could think of was John Belushi in Animal House. There’s a scene where he does this exact move. Now even though I’ve provided the movie clip for your viewing pleasure, I’m sure you can easily visualize the exact move and scene if you’ve seen the movie.

Is this branding?

Yes, because if I see something and I think of only one person and one scene from a movie, it’s not only branding the individual actor but the movie itself.

Think of the “moonwalk.” That dance move is only Michael Jackson and anyone who does it, is only imitating him. How about when Uma Thurman and John Travolta dance in Pulp Fiction and do that signature move of the open fingers across their eyes? Branding.

So, what other signature moves by celebrities can you think of?

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