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I attended one of the most well thought out and inspiring events yesterday. I arrived at the penthouse in SoHo, NYC, around 9:30 am, and was greeted warmly and told where to check in. The staff were friendly and ready for all. The master of ceremonies, Richard Oceguera greeted me also. We had only known each other on social media and were finally meeting LIVE! I’d like to commend the event planner also Red Elephant Inc.

Once given my name tag and other materials I was told about the special organic juices (Love Grace) at the table behind me and where I could find coffee as well. I selected a seat, dropped my bags and started mingling. Throughout the day I met so many interesting people. Coaches, Artists, Event Planners, Chefs and more. The guests totaled about 60, so a really good size to be able to get to know quite a few. We had several breaks which gave us time to chat.

There were fantastic speakers on a variety of topics including: transformation and empowerment (Bambi Thompson), business success coaching (Ivy Slater), Communications (Matthew Goldfarb), social media (Amy Nowacoski) and video/web presence (Blane Friest) and of course the being your “Powerful You” host, Richard.

Just some of what I learned:
1- Your heart is your #1 team member.
2- Clean out the closet of your subconscious mind.
3- Realize your value and presence.
4- What do you stand for?
5- Be in charge of the neuro pathways, instead of being run by them.
6- Put more video in email newsletters, more will engage. (Screenshot image of video, hyperlinked.)
7- Be sure the social media sites you’re on, are where your target clients are too.

The amazing gourmet lunch was prepared by Shellie Porter,

Receiving great content and meeting and connecting with other innovative business owners.

I will say this, when you attend an event like this, you need to walk in having cleared your mind, ready to be open to new ideas and definitely ready to feel yourself become your “Powerful YOU.” Thanks, Richard Oceguera!

What an amazing event and now to make use of those business cards I acquired.

6 thoughts on “Best NYC Business Event

  1. Stephanie Treasure

    Susan – as you may remember, I was also at the Powerful YOU event. I do have to say that I echo all that you have said. The event organizers did a fantastic job at putting everything together, keeping within the time, maintaining flow, etc. Richard and his sponsors delivered stellar, actionable content. The group was a great size, good for meeting and mingling new folks. The breaks were also well-timed to facilitate the networking without having to stay around too late afterwards.

    It was great seeing you again in person, too. Thanks for writing this post.

  2. Joanne

    Wow, sounds like an incredible event where you were able to take a lot of way. What was the number 1 take away from the event that you are going to implement?

  3. Susan Post author

    I would have to say that connecting with others and then acting on those connections immediately are so important. Write notes on the business cards, so you really remember the person, and once home, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc on each. Then go deeper and email each. So many take cards, and then do nothing. When someone asks for your card, that’s a lead folks.

  4. Bambi Thompson

    Thank you for writing such a fantastic blog post and for the glowing reviews. It was truly a great event, and I saw so much transformation, energetically, in the crowd that was really fabulous!

  5. Susan Post author

    Bambi, What a pleasure meeting you and listening to your presentation. Definitely a highlight! I look forward to learning more from you. – Susan

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