Is Your Website Scaring People Away? – Part One, Video and Audio

In this first part of a five part series, I want to talk about the imagery, both video and audio on your website.

Business owners spend the time and effort to have great headshots taken, (hopefully, as this has to be your online profile presence everywhere), but when it comes to recording audio and/or video they fail. The sound is recorded from too far away or sometimes the opposite and they are too close and loud.

When it comes to video, I’m learning by creating video with a professional videographer. I’ve also been creating screencast videos with audio voice over for many years.

In the video series I have been creating on WordPress for, I meet once a month with my videographer and we shoot the intros and exits and then he sandwiches my screencast video in the middle, and adds the Tech section opening clip too. This month though, we are changing up a few things and I can’t wait to see the final results.

WordPress expert Susan Newman for eHow

Since this is my 4th series, I get my own series name. I’m excited to find out which of my suggested titles it will be and then they will create my graphic video “bumpers” as they call them. In addition, at the next shoot, I will also be “re-recording” the audio from my voice overs so the sound is exactly the same from beginning to end. A smoother audio/video from opening sequence into my video intro, the screencast itself and the exit.

I just love it when a client wants excellence in what they put out there.

Time to look at your own website and determine whether your video could be better and how.

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