Colors Theory That Sparks Emotions and Visualizations

colorstar image from Smashing magazine I just saw an beautiful tv ad that made me want to grab my purse and run off to Bermuda. Bravo to Bermuda tourism and the advertising team that produced it. They were showing color names and translating them into what those names mean to them, pink (sand), blue (water), green (grass) and it made me think of being there, or past experiences of similar places I’ve been.

When designers create we know that certain colors are just right for the exact client and industry and the wrong or wacky colors can send visitors away. Did you know that using the right colors can evoke the exact mood and feeling you want the visitors to have and welcome them in.

In the link Color Wheel Pro they talk about colors in a more general way, red, blue, yellow, etc., and their definitions are true… somewhat, until we move into hues and shades.

A red is a red is a red.

Check out this really great and detailed post on what happens when graphic/web design meets colors, hues and shades on Smashing Magazine – Color Theory for Designers.

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