Is Your Website Scaring People Away – Part Two – No Blog Novels

You have so much you want to say and you put it up there and hit that all important button, publish. But did you consider the readers on the other end? Bloggers used to be able to capture people’s attention and hold them for 1 minute or more, and now that’s been cut to 30 seconds.

So, it’s time for all of us to rethink how we communicate and get right to the point. Instead of writing that long (we just don’t have the time to read it) post, think about how you might start a blog series and break it up. That’s why books have chapters. This goes for email marketing also!

We’re trained so well by the chapter or series format, just look at TV and the shows we watch each week and at each episode’s ending, they tease us in such a way that we’re excited for the next one. We’re also trained by the frequency. We get used to the exact day and time.

Netflix has changed the game again, by offering original content and all episodes at once but we can still choose how many to watch and when. If I’m captivated like I was with “House of Cards”, “Orange is the New Black” or even watching all previous seasons of “Breaking Bad” I am able to dive right in, a bit at a time.

Why does this work so well, especially for bloggers? Because you can give readers information in sizable chunks they can store and keep them waiting for more, so yes longer engagement!

Go now, slice and dice.

orange is the new black on netflix


3 thoughts on “Is Your Website Scaring People Away – Part Two – No Blog Novels

  1. Jennifer Jinright

    Hi, Susan.

    My first time here, and I have to say if you always turn out such easy to understand comparisons then you have an amazing gift. I love the TV show and book comparison. It would be nice if blogs were like books are to me…you just have to read the next chapter and then next think you know its 2 AM and the book is read!

    Thanks for the great new way of thinking about things. I will ponder this and see how it may fit into my blogging adventures!

  2. Susan Post author

    Jenn, Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s so important to me that when I blog, the visitor on the other side is gaining something of value. You made my day! – Susan

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