Is Your Website Scaring People Away? Part Three: Broken Links and Bad Code

I look at websites all the time. It’s part of my business to design and develop websites so naturally I want to see what others have posted online. I need to see how they have branded themselves to see if their company mission and goals are in sync with how they present themselves.

Naturally, all kinds of things happen and much can depend on the programming language used and whether the site has been tested, not only for the type of browser but the version. (PC vs Mac, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.)  I can’t say this “loud” enough. Be sure that everyone who wants to, can see your website. So many sites want to be using the newest and coolest programming and that is all well and good, but be sure to add somewhere in that programming (for the public out there that isn’t updating their operating systems and browsers every 3 weeks) the code for older browsers, so they have something to look at!

Sometimes I have to juggle viewing a site from Apple to Dell. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link from an email and either the site loads all jumbled, or doesn’t load at all. You are seriously losing prospective clients this way.

There’s the added problem of broken links. Not creating pages correctly or linking them incorrectly. Go through all your pages and links and be sure everything is working, and when you send out emails, be sure the links are working within those also.

Nothing looks worse on a brand, than links that don’t work, pages or sites that don’t load or sending a repeat email saying… oops, now the link is right, and too many of you are doing this.

Quality over Quantity, always.

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