Small Business Saturday and Local Pop Up Shops

This time of year is especially hard for small business owners. You think you’re already working at a 120% effort, and then as we approach the holiday season, your business either falls flat with inactivity or you have to sell even harder to bring in those end of the year results.

It’s going to depend on what type of business you have and how much effort you wish to put in. Are you a service-based B2B or a B2C? With “Small Business Saturday” on the horizon in just 2 weeks, you should get your offers online pronto.

This event is so important and if the general public takes the money they are planning to spend at the big chain stores and instead supported the small businesses in their own local areas, that would give a much needed lift to those businesses and help the economy back on its feet.

Each holiday season there are pop up shops near me such as, Creative Grove Art and Designer Market, the Hoboken Holiday fair and this year a few added events/shops in Jersey City, One Upon A Market at the Mary Benson Gallery, and Square Route Holiday Market in Journal Square. It’s a great way to see, share and buy originally crafted gifts for loved ones!

So, instead of that sweater or tie, buy something unique and from someone local!

Square Route pop up shop in Journal Square

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