TEDx Jersey City Showcases Innovative and Creative Thinkers

Yesterday I went to downtown Jersey City for the all-day event of TEDx Jersey City.

With Mayor Steve Fulop’s support and key sponsors, we were all delighted with amazing vocalists and musicians in addition to the most innovative and creative thinkers in our area. From artists and poets with new ways to reach and engage the public to the beautification of our parks and surrounding neighborhoods to cleaning up the environment. I listened and had to meet afterward, many of the speakers so that I could share what they are doing.

Here are the TEDx Jersey City 2013 Board Members:
Allicia Ruth, Anne McTernan, Caley Vickerman, Ceallaigh Pender, Yvonne Vairma.
Listen to this radio interview with the TEDx Jersey City team we recorded 2 weeks ago about the forthcoming event.

Below is a list of the speakers and their topics and some highlight video clips:

The Dominoes – St. Dominic Academy Glee Club
TEDx Team – each board member greets us
“I Identify with Jersey City, I Influence Jersey City” – by Caley Vickerman and Yvonne Vairma
“Sixth Borough: Jersey City Rail and the Industrial Economy of New York Harbor” by Timothy White, Assistant Professor of Urban History at NJCU
(Video Talk) Alastair Parvin “Architecture for the people by the people.”
“Finding Your voice: The Necessity of Singing.” by Katie Kat, Operatic Soprano
“How Neuroscience is Challenging Punishment.” by Carl Erik Fisher, M.D.
(Music during break, Eldad Tarmu)

“A Place to Play: The Importance of Face-to-Face Connections in our Urban Spaces.” by Caley Vickerman, Actor, Educator, Haiku Mistress
(Video Talk) The Interspecies Internet: An idea in progress.”
“We the People: Using the Power of Citizen Science to Promote Education, Advocacy, and Sustainability.” by Michelle Anne Luebke, Adjunct Instructor at CUNY
“Contemporary Superhumanity.” by Dr. Seth Adventure, Founder of New Flesh Workshop
“Facelift/Avalanche.” Performance by Cris Nyne, Lyricist, Musician and Visual Artist
(Music during break, Tim Knipper Cello)

“Let’s Make Games.” by Jay Boucher, Game Designer and Instructor
(Video talk) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with “The danger of a single story.”
“Making Friends with Your Microbes.” by Kevin Spyker, Certified Healing foods Specialist
“The Love of Science: Mission Youth.” by Robert O’Donnell, Jr., Teach at Jersey city Pulic School #28, Founder of Project Reservoir
“On a Clear day you can see forever” and “You’ll never walk alone.” by Roland Burks, Bass Baritone
(Music during break, Glen Coleman)

“Step You Art Up: Creating Honest Art for Today’s Youth.” by Ben Figueroa
(Video talk) Lawrence Lessig – “We the People, and the Republic we must Reclaim.”
“We Dig Jersey City.” by Laura Skolar, Marc Wesson and Charlene Burke, Jersey City Parks Coalition & Big Dig

Clip of The Dominoes Glee Club:

Clip of Katie Kat, Operatic Soprano:

Clip of Michelle Anne Luebke, Environmental Instructor:


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