Pampering at the Hair Salon and Customer Service

It began one summer when I was 10 years old. My parents were sending me off to sleep-away camp again and my mother insisted I get my hair cut. She told me over and over, “No one will brush your hair, and this will make it easy to manage.” So my beautiful long hair that almost reached down to my waist was cut to just a tad longer than my ears. My first hair trauma.

hair washing, pampering at hair salonI’ve been to lots of salons since then. Some provided good experiences, others not.

One hairstylist actually dyed my hair the wrong color. It was so far from what I’d asked for that he rushed me to the sink after 10 minutes and frantically tried to wash it out. You can be sure I didn’t go back or recommend that salon.

You might say I live with hair phobia. I love the concept of getting my hair done, the fresh new look, the lightness, the restyling… but I always wonder if I’ll be walking home with sunglasses and a hoody on.

I’m sharing this because experiences good and bad shape not only who I choose to go to, but who I recommend, and this is true for all of us. The other day a friend posted a selfie she took in the haircutter’s chair and captioned it “a little pampering.”  We so want to be taken care of, and whether at the haircutters, a restaurant or a service-based business, word-of-mouth and recommendations are the best way to gain new clients. This can’t be forgotten for a minute.

Customer service is the most important aspect of the businesses we own and the better we perform the more our clients sing our praises – and the more new clients come knocking. The highest praise imaginable is when a client turns into an advocate! Don’t send her home with the wrong color hair.

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