Online Visibility Experiment

(…or Goodbye Facebook for Business, Hello LinkedIn and Google+)

Let’s face facts. If you are not visible on the web, you don’t exist.

I have the added problem of competing for Google’s first page every day with a child psychologist who has my same name. For this reason it’s important for me to be very active, every single day.

I wasn’t getting the response I was looking for one of my Facebook business pages, so I decided to leave that page in the dust for a few weeks and focus more attention on Google+ and LinkedIn. I also started blogging each day on LinkedIn to see if my posts would be read and welcomed.

The transformation of my visibility in just 3 weeks is astounding.

On Google if you search my name, I am dominating that first page from the other Susan because Google is posting the Google+ posts I create. So, in addition to only having links to my websites, a link to my Facebook business page, and perhaps, Twitter page, it now has my Google+ posts in the stream. In addition, the more I post on Google+ the more my website is now in the first position at the top of page one.

Blogging on LinkedIn has been a revelation and I am going to add a new post everyday. I published the first blog on Monday, and have since uploaded 4 others, here are the stats for just this week, so far: 471 reads, 45 likes, and 10 comments. Yes, in just one week.

I have always been a fan of LinkedIn and entrepreneurs and business owners should realize that this platform is so much more than just a place to find a job. Belonging to groups of like-minded people where you can share news or ask questions and interact with those who can advise you is so valuable. Now, being able to get your blog posts so they are in front of people is also sending more people to my website, and isn’t that the whole point? Looking at my Google Analytics data for this week shows an upswing on all my websites.

I’m going to stay on this path, and will continue to monitor the reach and visibility.

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