Web Design Styling

Web design comes in many different forms and there is a size and shape to fit every business and every budget.

Whether you need a custom designed look or branding along with a ready made theme, that we customize to that brand, we can build the right look and functionality to meet your goals and attract your target clients.

Below I’d like to feature a few of the recent web design / development projects. Note how we’ve customized these websites using sliders for advertising, widgets for content, and playing with the opacity to create an effect or completely removed the page color so the background shows through.

Santi Express of Rockland County

Santi Express of Rockland County

Santi Express has been a client for many years now.  It was a great experience to build a new responsive custom designed WordPress website, replacing the outdated CMS we were using before.

Lucky’s Tattoo of Union City

Lucky's Tattoo of Union City

Lucky’s Tattoo of Union City needed a website to feature their artist’s custom work and this website uses a custom coded look: created are transparent pages so the background shows through, and a small navigation menu top right, instead of a bar, that is flexible per device.

Epic Med Prep of Jersey City

Epic Med Prep of Jersey City

Epic Med Prep in Jersey City needed a website to help educate medical students. Using a modified theme, adding a new logo, imagery, and playing again with the transparency of pages, so the fabulous photo shows through from the background, yet doesn’t interfere with readability.

Rob Fletcher’s ANGT.tv of New York

ANGT TV by Rob Fletcher

ANGT.tv, the website by Rob Fletcher features all the latest events, videos and reports on training, nutrition and health for both adults and children.


Each website has a goal. Some want to capture emails through an offer and opt-in form, while others want to sell their latest products or classes, showcase artwork or blog using WordPress. But they all have one thing in common. They must capture the eye of their target customer in 3-5 seconds. So, the branding (colors, logo, fonts, imagery and communication of words) must be just right.

Only an experienced designer that works closely with their client can achieve this kind of online success. This is why it is the responsibility of the client to take the time and choose the right designer and it’s the responsibility of the designer to show through work experience (stories as well as design / website examples) why they are the right person for the assignment.

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