LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn for BusinessThere is nothing more important for a business than positive recommendations.

This week there was a little issue on LinkedIn and I need to share, so you’re aware.

A client who was happy with the outcome of a recent project, wanted to leave a testimonial about working with me. Yeah! The only problem was, he attached it to one of my companies, but not the right one.

I asked him if he could move it from one business to the other and he wasn’t able to. I looked at my profile and tried to drag and drop it, and that didn’t work either.

He opened a technical help ticket explaining the issue and LinkedIn responded saying that I could change it but here’s how:

  1. Open my profile to edit it.
  2. Copy out the text from the position and save in Word or Notepad/Text.
  3. Go to that position/job and remove it.

Wait just a minute there!

Delete the position? But I have other recommendations and galleries of images and video attached to it?

LinkedIn: Are you saying to do this all over again, just to move a testimonial from one position to another?

NOT happening. We’ll just leave it as is. Time for a technical upgrade, LinkedIn!

So, if your clients/customers want to leave a recommendation, make sure it’s in the right place, for the right company!

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