Being Socially Responsible on Social Media

Cat at computer courtesy of University of Rhode Island website

Cat at computer courtesy of University of Rhode Island website

Yes, you have a new program, product or plan, but please don’t pitch to me (or those you know) just because we’re connected.

Lately, I have received direct emails, Facebook and LinkedIn pitches for all sorts of products and programs I would never have any interest in.

Just because we’re colleagues and connected on social media, doesn’t mean you can try to sell me whatever your latest thing is. It might help if you looked at my profile, read it, learned more about who I am and what I’m passionate about. Then you’d honestly know whether your pitch would be welcomed or deleted.

Particularly on Facebook, I have no mercy for these types of direct messages or when someone tags me in a photo selling some product or program. Not only is it hidden from my timeline, but I “unfriend” them. This is also the case in any group I manage. One inappropriate post or advertisement and it’s deleted, and you are banned from the group.

I realize as a small business owner, we’re suppose to advertise in order to entice others to want what we’re selling, but there are right and wrong ways to do this. When I have something to offer I post about it on my business pages via Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also send it to my email marketing list. What I don’t do tag 50 people or write directly to every random colleague, which is a turn-off. You must remember, when you don’t put in the time to know who you are reaching out to, it’s a waste of time and you may lose the contact rather than gain their support and interest.

Social media should be a place where we share what we’re up to, whether it’s selling a product or asking for support with a meaningful cause, and whoever chooses to follow, like or comment is free to do so. Just remember to do it all in the right place and in the right way, so it’s to your advantage.




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