Equis: The Second Time Around

In 2007, when Equis Capital Partners of Hoboken came on as a client, they needed branding and a website. SNDI designed a logo that reflected their business and industry and would stand up over the years.

But, website design has changed since that first html version we created. The width of website pages used to be 960 pixels, so the content would fit on most laptop browser screens without the need for side to side scrolling.

One of the creative aspects to their first website was the imagery we selected for each page. Their brochure style site was mostly short content, so the scenic images used on each page was important in giving the site a more friendly, welcoming feel.

equis capital partners - old website design

Equis Capital Partners – homepage design from 2007.

equis capital partners of Hoboken - old site design

Equis Capital Partners – About page design from 2007.

Today, with much wider computer monitors and high-resolution screens, their website needed a makeover.

We wanted to keep the logo but update the look of the website, still focusing on scenic imagery that would bring the viewer in while sharing their important content.

This time, we built a WordPress (CMS) version and selected big, beautiful images of Hoboken and New York. We converted the images to black and white to give it a classic, timeless feel and went with full width styling for the design. Whether on a larger, high resolution screen or a mobile device, the images look dramatic, the content is readable and the overall look picks up where the old website left off.

Designers know there is more that one solution to any assignment. Being able to re-imagine a new and improved concept that gives the client more options going forward is the best way to serve that long-standing client.

Now Equis Capital Partners has a fresh look, a blog, should they choose to write one and can update their own website’s pages, unlike their previous html site. They have a responsive, flexible website that looks good on any device and can make use of social media when ready to share.

Equis Capital Partners - new website design 2016

Equis Capital Partners – Branding / logo remains, website updated 2016.

Equis Capital Partners of Hoboken, new website mobile friendly

Equis Capital Partners – Branding / logo remains, website updated for flexible, responsive to devices in 2016.

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