Why is using Google so much harder?

I use Google many times a day. I’ll need to look up a word, check my website property analytics; or just post an article or photo.

It used to be so much easier to maneuver around Google. So, why did they reprogram so many aspects, adding more complexity to a system that worked beautifully? Now when I open Google analytics, it takes three to four steps to get me to the right page, having me log in again, when I was already logged in. Even the analytics is showing some very strange data. When I review who my referrals are, I see a few with unusual spam like words and symbols.

When I connect to Google Plus, they’ve made it almost impossible to switch brand accounts, and then you must work to find your account settings. Changing or adding a post, image or cover image has become more difficult.

I’ll also say that the same difficulty (levels of clicks, pages and information) has been implemented into YouTube. When I share a video sometimes the link below the video works and sometimes I need the actual page url. Shouldn’t they both work?

The whole purpose (or so I thought) behind Google was for us to be able to use and find what we wanted in seconds. I will say that searching still works perfectly, so don’t mess with that.

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