Hoboken Artists Open Their Doors for the 2010 Studio Tour

Fall is my favorite season and not just because it finally gets cooler, and the trees look pretty, but some of my favorite local events come around again.

Yesterday, I grabbed my Hudson Reporter artist listing & map and camera and headed out to see as many artists in as many locations as I could. Walking down from the Heights of Jersey City I stopped first at Watermusic (opposite the Shoprite), which had the group showing from¬†Hob’art. As I wandered in, I was greeted by Roland Ramos and there was a cool band playing. There were all sorts of artwork displayed, 3D sculputral to photo collage to paintings.

Next, I walked over to the Monroe Center, through the main entrance with art from the kids program, Urban Arts and up to the 5th floor and around and down the floors, visiting artists I know, Sissi Siska, who creates the most stunning silk paintings; Joe Borzotta, who’s conceptual painting of figures makes me think about them, him, and myself; Laura Alexander, who large scale paintings, the close-ups of people’s faces, always knocks me out; Craig Dale, who has been teaching photography and this year was showing his students’ great work; Virginia Rolston Parrott, whose photographs are so serene and make you want to be in that place she’d discovered.

Jean Fowley poses with her tongue(s).

Throughout the day I continued along to Hoboken City Hall and then to the Neumann Leather Building. Here are some of the artists I enjoyed seeing again or meeting for the first time: Tim Daly, Ninetta Nappi, Randi Wolfman, James Collum, Michelle Doll, Owen Gray, Zac Gross, Robyn Prezioso, Rene Broussard, Joseph Terrone, Happiness Akaniro, Fermin Mendoza, Andre Kaulesar, Santiago Cohen, John Patterson, the Paterson Arts Council (group show) and Jean Fowley.

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