Make Your Branding Message Clear – How Many Words Does It Take?

When it comes to using the right amount of words, how many are too many or too little? Some companies love the one word brand or title. In movie titles, the most dynamic ones and the ones we remember best have only one word… Avatar, Titantic, Casablanca. For product type companies, Nike, Apple, Staples…

One word, if marketed with the right copyline says just enough. The copyline must also be short and be the right phrase as well as the right amount of words. (Staples “That was easy.”) There are so many companies who feel three descriptive words or thoughts broken by periods, is the right amount. (“I live. I ride. I am.” Jeep)

Then there are the companies we name after ourselves which definitely need just the right copyline, or no one will have a clue what you do or what you’re selling, unless of course you’re a legend. (Milton Glaser)

Some companies who have become well known feel they can play around with their copylines just for fun, and whether we get the message or not, maybe doesn’t matter. (Microsoft, “Where do you want to go today?”)

One thing is clear. Some phrases work and others just confuse the public. I suggest getting right to the point. Whether it’s the brand name or the copyline, you’ve got make your message immediately clear.

Here are some of my favorites

1- Wheaties “Breakfast of Champions”

2- Nike “Just do it.”

3- Lay’s “Betcha can’t eat just one.”

4- AT &T “Reach out and touch someone.”

5- Staples “That was easy.”

6-  Zales “A diamond is forever.”

7- Milk “Got Milk?”

8-L’Oreal “Because I’m worth it.”

9- BMW “The ultimate driving machine.”

10- New York “I Love New York.”

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