When is Social Media Not So Social? How to Engage People to Share and Connect

When someone has created a Facebook list and you’re not on it?

When you posted something and no one commented?

When some random person who you don’t know wants to friend you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Merchant Circle?

When people opt out of your newsletter?

When you follow them on Twitter, but they’re not following you back?

Okay, get over it!

This week I’ve been thinking about how many of my clients have begun the social media craze and feel like they’re not making much progress. But just like anything else, it takes practice, and more importantly it needs to be done RIGHT!

Just think about when you go to a party or event. You meet people in person and you either connect or not, and that will determine if you’ll remember that person or hang out with them again. Get the conversation going so you’ll get to know each other a bit more, then when you connect via social media, there’s a real person behind that photo.

We each have our own voice, unique way about us, and that should come through when you’re posting and engaging people to respond. Sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t. The important thing to remember is what you’re using it for. On your personal Facebook profile you’ll want to share fun photos, videos or important news. On your company page you want to write about your business, but in a way that makes people interested. Don’t just toot your own horn, tell them something they’ll value or pass along, or ask them a question.

Don’t talk at them, talk to them!

Once people are interested in what you’re talking about, you’ll know by the comments and shares… when they tag you in a post. So keep trying!

Coming soon! New video screencast tutorials on Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more… stay tuned.

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