Help Your Business Grow By Mapping It on Google

Most people know that they can open their browser, go to and search for something. But those same people don’t realize that at the top left, there are quite a few other categories, such as the image, video and map sections.

Why are these important?

If you have a business, you must create a business listing in the map section and literally put your company on the map! Just having a website or Facebook company page isn’t enough. Watch this video to understand why creating this business listing and gaining reviews can help your ranking.

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Who’s visiting your site? What countries are they from? What content are they reading? How long do they stay? What does the bounce rate mean? How do you set up custom reports to get just what you want to know? How do you create goals for your website!
These 3 video tutorials will be helpful and you will learn so much about your own website or blog, and even more about your visitors and how they are coming to you.

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