Savor The Success’s Rock The World 2011

I’m telling you right now… I couldn’t be more excited about next week! May 4 and 5, 2011 is my 2nd Savor the Success’s Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World.

Not only will I get to meet so many of the Savor The Success sisters across the USA and abroad that I’ve connected with and worked with, in person, but I am now one of 5 panelists for a discussion on “your social media blueprint”,  lead by Kathryn Rose, Social Media Consultant and Author of the Newly Updated “The Parent’s Guide to Facebook.” I’ll be adding what I’ve learned over the years about LinkedIn, it’s search capabilities, the best ways to connect with colleagues and using groups the right way.

The 2-day conference is for women entrepreneurs and gathers guest speakers from a variety of industries and we have round table discussions, all to help us create or freshen our business blueprint in branding, marketing, social media and sales.

Last year, I went for 1 day, and it changed my whole business around. I learned so much about myself, my clients, and it helped me focus on the realities as well as the infinite possibilities. I know that what I learned and the changes I made helped me through the down economy of last year.

So for 2011, the annual event, Speaking are founder and CEO, Angela Jia Kim of Savor and (Om Aroma), Julie Steelman (Bankability Guru , Sales Expert), Lisa Steadman (Woohoo, Inc.), Julie Pickens and Mindee Doney (Boogie Wipes), Payson Cooper (Social Media, Marketing and Mindset for Women Entrepreneurs), Amanda Steinberg founder of, Ted Rubin, Colleen DeBaise, small business editor at the Wall Street Journal and Amy Nichols (founder of Dogtopia).

My business cards are ready. I’m so energized! Between networking and learning from these fabulous experts, not to mention the after parties, lunches and dinners, what could be more exciting and fun?

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