Staying at the Top of Google When Someone Has Your Same Name

Last week a colleague of mine, Lana Goldenberg sent out an email blast reminding us how important it is to have your “profile” filled out on Google. Not just your company’s profile like I’ve talked about previously on Google Maps and Yahoo local.

So this got me wondering, what can you do when there are other people with your same name, and you’re all competing for that top spot? For me, there is a Susan Newman that is a child psychologist and author and then there is Paul Newman’s daughter, Susan Newman.

So, I went back into my profile to be sure it’s all filled out completely. Next I secured a few new domains with my name.

In a search within the image area of Google on my name, I didn’t see many photos of myself, but lots of other women, so I’ll add a few more images within my website space that are just named with my name, this way mine will be newest and there will be more of me.

What’s most important is to keep all your information on Google and elsewhere up-to-date. If you do this you’ll be able to stay in that top spot.

susan newman #1 spot on google

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