Got SEO? Even A Social Media Expert Should Know Better

Everybody that has a website or blog listen up! If your site has no Title, Description or Keyword tags, no one will ever see or find your website. I don’t know how to say this stronger, (without cursing)  but if I see one more website where the title of the homepage is “Home” I’m going to start contacting every site I come across and email them with a screenshot of their own site with a big arrow pointed at where the “title” should be.

Now you may be thinking, these are newbies, but you’d be wrong! I just came across a website for a pretty well known social media person, that lots of people follow and the homepage said “home.” Not only is there no title, but no other tags either.

A social media expert with no tags? UNREAL!

Many times I’ve seen this with celebrities, and I’m sure their thinking is, everybody knows me, I don’t need tags, but do you know what? Even celebrities need tags, why? Because lots of people create fake celebrity sites and you’ll bet that site has tags. So when someone is searching on Google for a famous person’s site, wouldn’t you prefer if the real site was listed first?

Here’s a little screenshot showing what I’m talking about.

website title is home and needs seo badly



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