Social Media Wakeup Call: Content May Be King, But Branding is Queen!

Hammer on nail image by Austinloft BlogspotOkay, I’m going to hit the nail on the head, people!

I see social media bloggers, one after another, and yes, content is so very important, but many of them edo not hav a solid “brand” that stands out. So, if they get a ton of hits, I have to wonder not how, but if the readers have a clue who or what company they are following? Did they just come and read the post and leave without realizing where that content was weeks later?

I know this has happened to me. I clicked on a link on some article and it took me to another site where I read and got the information I was looking for, but forgot to bookmark or write down the person’s name or the company site, so forever into the void. However, if that site had been an original, something by title or design, you know I’d remember it.

For example: Social Media Examiner not only provides great content, but their branding is so interesting and distinctive, (we’re on safari there) I can always remember I read something there, where it came from. The same with the New York Times or in the design world, the AIGA or Graphic Design USA.

So, the question remains, why won’t writers and social media experts spend more or care about their visual identity?

Beyond branding design is structure and functionality, and bloggers at least have help because of content management systems (CMS, like WordPress), but their site can still be chaotic and not giving them what they seek. Yes branding and design is important to be memorable, but a website or blog platform should have a clearly defined goal. Are you gathering emails via an opt-in for your email newsletter or e-blasts, trying to sell an event or products, or push a video or some other content out there?

Your blog or site is only effective if others are getting what they seek. If they are not, the site must change.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Wakeup Call: Content May Be King, But Branding is Queen!

  1. bbrian017

    Hey good point. when I see articles talking about content the first thing that comes to my mind is traffic. I mean let’s face it without traffic our awesome content means nothing. With that said the same can be said about traffic, without good content are we not converting out traffic. You final statement makes me think, I’m not sure what I’m actually seeking, I think ti’s early retirement.

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