The Difference Between a Header and a Banner for Advertising Your Business

It has come to my attention that many business owners are confused by the lingo… do they need a header or a banner?

Some clients ask me for banners and others for a header. Time to clarify. One is for Your Usage and the others are to Advertise Your Business!

A “Header” is the area at the top of your website, blog, newsletter or email newsletter that has your company name (wordmark) or logo, your photo or other photos and your tagline. It may also include your social media follow buttons and the navigation strip. The “header” can be a solid block graphic in jpg or png format, or that plus the html code to create the “header” area. (Below are a few examples, reduced for this blog, their actual size is 960 px wide, you can visit the websites to see them.)

Webbanovella Header image

RB United Header Area

Live Your Personal Legend Header Image

A “Banner” is used on other websites to advertise your business, products and events, etc… and to draw them to your website. They may be designed in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on whether they are going to appear horizontally at the top or bottom of a website, or stacked vertically in a sidebar. You can also use them on social media to advertise events or new products. Some standard banner sizes are: 960w x 125h, 728w x 90h, 468w x 60h, 300w x 250h, 300w x 100h, 600w x 300h, 240w x 400h, 250w x 250h, 160w x 600h, and so on… Wikipedia has a lovely chart here (Below are a few examples).

Broadcast Louder Banner ad

Broadcast Louder Banner ad vertical

Broadcast Louder ad for sidebar

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