Are You Sick of the Spinning Wheel on Firefox Too?

What’s up with Firefox and why can’t we get a browser to work without issues? or is it us and we need new computers every year? Well, that’s not going to happen so what to do?

It all started about a year or so ago when Safari on my Apple computers didn’t work properly. I can open them if I need to see a site and how it looks via that browser, but it cannot be my browser of choice anymore. This is because technology is rapidly advancing and faster than I can buy new computers. So, I downloaded Firefox and started using that browser on both Macs. But in the last few months, if I have more than a few windows open or are visiting sites that get a lot of traffic, I am looking at a spinning wheel or I get a pop up message telling the page has timed out.

I have also used both IE and Firefox on the Dell PC and have the same issues.

So, what to do?

I just came across a Troubleshooting article for those that might need help and will pass it along.

From the “HowToGeek” website.

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Maybe I’ll try Google Chrome next.

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