Entrepreneurs Creating by Committee: Is Social Media to Blame?

I have been listening for a while on multiple community websites. Some connect women entrepreneurs, some connect social media like-minded folks and others are private groups, but they all seem to have the same thing going on.

Messaging, Branding, Design, Social Networking and Marketing by COMMITTEE. Have social media and networking through community sites given entrepreneurs a forum to make decisions about their business from the advice of others?

When did the norm become, “I’ll just put it up there and let them decide which they like best, or better yet, I’ll let them write it for me or help me design it, or let them decide what the name of my company should be.”

ask the appropriate person for feedback, one whose comments matter, not everybody

Who knows your company better than YOU? Why is their opinion more valid than your own? I know I’m going to get into trouble for bringing this up, but I’m wondering why entrepreneurs are changing their branding and marketing by a public vote.

Seems like everybody is signing up for another entrepreneur’s workshop and each time they are doing their homework, they start questioning themselves and start changing things. Change is good. We do want to learn and grow, but change because everybody else is doing something, isn’t. Each business is unique and has unique goals and dreams that are not the same as anothers, so the approach has to be right for each business.

Asking questions and advice is good. Feedback is good! But too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth!

When I worked on staff in book publishing as an art director, each area of the company had its directors; sales, marketing, editorial, etc… and I would approach each person to ask about a particular issue. I didn’t ask them all if I wanted marketing advice, or sales advice. I respected each one’s role and went to the right person. (I know you’re saying, but I’m a solopreneur and I don’t have all those key players working with me… yes, you can reach out to them.) I still do that today. I ask the appropriate person for feedback, one whose comments matter.

Remember, you’re out there to brand your own unique business, if you do it like everyone else, you won’t succeed.

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