Facebook Graphics and Custom Pages Must Be Done Right

Posting graphics and pages when you aren’t a designer or developer and having them look bad is a poor reflection on your business. I understand wanting to change your custom pages and cover image in order to gain “likes.” But if you try to design Facebook graphics or web pages yourself, or are having your virtual assistant create them when they aren’t qualified and they are badly done and the pages are being called from your website and the sizes are too big, what do visitors think?

I can tell you. They’ll think you’re going cheap by not having them created properly. Period.

The Facebook profile image, cover image, buttons and inside custom pages all have their exact sizes.

Why Facebook is an Economical Way To Lure Customers
Someone has put in a search query on Facebook for a coach, interior designer or a bakery and it will show the top Facebook and other results. If that company has a page and custom pages set up, the graphics/content can speak directly to this new visitor and tell them about their company and why they should “like” it. Once they like the company, they move on to read your posts & information, view your gallery pages or other special pages, or a store if you’ve loaded one.

You can also create a special landing page on your website or blog and set the custom page’s link to go to that page, however it must be the right width or it won’t display correctly. Set it up for Facebook users and offer them something special, that the general public doesn’t see on your website. So your page is speaking directly to them, and is offering them a discount or special download.

How to Attract People and Get Them Sharing
So you have created a company page, added your custom imagery for buttons, profile and cover image, and a custom page and now you want to attract new potential customers or clients. I suggest starting a Facebook ad campaign which is an inexpensive way to drive people to your new Facebook page. This ad or promoted post can be a modest budget of $5-10 a day or you can spend more. You can create a few different ads and review the stats after a few days or a week later to see which ads are working and which aren’t. You can pause an ad and start new ones.

Facebook Cover Images, Buttons and Profile Graphics Working Together
Most people have fun changing up their personal profile image and cover shot, like I do, but when we’re talking about your company page, there should be a specific approach. The profile image is usually your logo, but must be created on a perfect square to look right. In some cases you can still use your own headshot if your company is known by you. The cover image should be representative of your business goals so when someone arrives they get what you do right away. I’ve also seen some cover shots that show customers using the products. The goal is to accomplish what you set out wanting which is “likes” and followers. We also have the little buttons which can be designed and take visitors to your custom pages/apps.

Set it Up and then Leave It?
As a designer and an active social media small business owner, it’s very important to my “brand visibility” to be active on all social media websites. So, it pains me when a client hires me to set it all up, and then doesn’t do anything afterward. I monitor their pages and see no activity. This is so important to gaining new eyes on your business. You don’t have to commit as much time as me, but get in there and add new posts at least one time a day. If you want to grow your business, you MUST be active!

Below are a few examples of Facebook Cover images, profiles, buttons and a custom page. Visit my other site at Susan Newman Design to see more examples/links.

Also here’s a great guest article written by Louis Tanguay, managing director of Circle Marketing: Why Facebook “Doesn’t Work” for Your Business

Peter Balsam Associates Facebook Cover Image

Prospector's Run Facebook Cover and Profile Image Interact

Prospector's Run Freebies Custom Facebook Page

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