Brand Visibility: What Makes YOU Unique and Using Those Terms For SEO

creating tags unique to you for seoMost branding experts agree that the road to broadcasting your brand and creating brand visibility is figuring out exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd. What makes you different.

Instead of just classifying yourself as a coach, salesperson, author, or artist and lumping yourself into the millions of others who say that same thing, let’s begin by fine-tuning and get back in touch with the YOU only you know.

Make a list of all the words that define you. I do not mean your role at your job, I mean you, personally. No one has had your exact life or has learned what you have. No one has all your interests and learned the specialties just the way you have.

Once you have written all those words down, look them over and start putting some of them together to create phases that will be unique to you.

For myself, when I did this exercise it went something like: Singing, branding, techno geek, animal lover, environmentalist, creative, lover of all things Italian, Yankee fan! So now I’ve created a few long-tail keyword phrases from this such as, branding techno geek, creative Yankee fan, or animal lover and environmentalist. Now if I take that a step further to combine some of this with my work, I might get phrases like, singing branding designer, Italian speaking environmentalist helping frogs, or brand visibility gadget loving techno geek.

My passions are what define me and make me different from you, just like my DNA and fingerprints are not like anyone elses.

Now you try this exercise. What are you passionate about and how do you do it differently than someone else? Once you have that created, you can implement those concepts into your posts and add those keywords and then watch what happens!

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3 thoughts on “Brand Visibility: What Makes YOU Unique and Using Those Terms For SEO

  1. Peter Sterlacci

    Great idea and I suggest taking it one step further and ask others to come up with 3-5 words that they would use to describe you. Then you can compare what your list looks like with theirs! Your brand is held in the hearts and minds of others so finding out how others see you is important.

  2. admin Post author

    Peter, I agree with you! For me, it was asking others what they thought I did and getting many different answers that lead me to select one all encompassing title. Over time by using those words again and again, I can dominate Google for that topic as well as get others to say those same words to describe me when talking to others. – Susan

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