Branding Authors: Checklist for Marketing Beyond the Book Design

Did you just write a book or e-book and it’s headed to an experienced graphic designer for a great cover and interior design? Now start thinking about the big picture.

Your branding across the web.

If you haven’t given this much thought yet, below is a check list to be sure you are ready to broadcast yourself and the book everywhere.

  • Do you have a website ready with your own personal branding? If not, it’s time you had yourself branded by a professional. Consider creating another website devoted entirely to the book. Both of these need to be reviewed or created so you are ready to promote once that fabulous book is ready.
  • Be sure to create a new Facebook page with the title of your book. This can either be its own separate page, or it can be a custom page under your current author page.
  • Start creating advance Facebook, Google+ posts and Tweets using hashtags you will be using regarding the new book. (such as: #harrypotter)
  • Create a Pinterest board for the new book, so you can post graphics, photos, and video once on tour.
  • Make sure to post video of signings, talks, and events to your YouTube channel, and if the YouTube channel isn’t branded, do it.
  • Have you created a Kindle version? An audio version?
  • Perhaps a great time to add audio and create your podcast station? (Talkshoe, Blog Talk Radio)
  • Make sure your Twitter and Google Plus accounts are branded also with the correctly sized graphics.
  • Create other print marketing that you can give to others at events or to help in promotion, such as: bookmarks, flyers, postcards, magnets, business type cards but for the book, perhaps with a special discount code?
  • Figure out which pages of the interior you will use to showcase the book in the pop-up section on Amazon.
  • Be sure the cover looks good when reduced down to a postage stamp, as well as blown up really large. Have an assortment of cover graphics sized properly for every type of usage.
  • Send out a press release about the new book with links to all the web presence pages.
  • Send advance copies to a group of influential people who will write reviews for the book on amazon and social media as well as for your website. Share those on social media too.
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and all other profiles and make sure all content is up to date and all new links are added in.

Here are a few examples I found of celebrated authors and their branded websites.

anne rice website design - branding authors

JK Rowling website design - Branded Authors

Kurt Vonnegut website design - Branding Authors

Tom Wolfe website design - branded authors

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