The Intimacy of Podcasting

Radio microphone for podcastingI’ve been podcasting for almost a year, and with more business owners creating their own series of podcasts and audiences tuning in in greater numbers, I think I know why this medium is working so well.

When we visit someone’s blog post, we spend time one-on-one with a desktop or device, reading and absorbing the information, and perhaps trying out what we learn. This is the same whether viewing a Slideshare presentation or a video on YouTube. Depending on the tone in the written words and the graphic design and branding used in the visuals, we somewhat get a sense of the business person’s personality.

But podcasting is a very different and intimate experience. Each podcaster has their own style and reason for producing their show. Perhaps they want to directly share their wisdom learned over many years; or they want to celebrate others by showcasing the brightest and the most innovative thinkers.

Whatever the reason, the podcaster is speaking directly (and figuratively) into the ear of the listener. No matter how many people tune in live or in the replay, each listener feels like you’re speaking to them or sharing with only them. A good broadcaster will forget about the thousands of listeners and talk to all as if talking to one person.

When you consistently publish your broadcasts and it’s good content, the downloads and listens will grow rapidly.

Why are so many enjoying this medium?

It’s because they can download the mp3 to their smart phone or device and listen as they multitask. Walking the dog, cleaning the home, shopping (all the more reason for advertisers to get on board!), and driving.

My iPhone has music on it, but even I get tired of the same songs over and over, and subscribing to podcasts is a great way to listen to fresh content as well as learn something new.

In addition, it’s a great way for a business owner to share more of their personality with listeners who may become clients. They can hear your tone of voice, your laugh and have an intimate connection other media can’t provide. Videos are usually edited and polished, like blog posts. Podcasts are recorded live (in most cases) and are raw and vital. So decide on the message you want to deliver and start talking. People are ready to listen.

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