Is Everybody Talking and Not Listening?

In this fast-paced life with website content, video, podcasts, emails and social media, is everybody just throwing their own content out there, hoping it’s going to stick?

When do you listen if you are so busy posting? If we aren’t responding to other people posts and acknowledging what they’re up to, how do we succeed in sharing with others?

Everybody is trying to get our attention and social media seems to have become a yelling match. Who has the coolest new image, best quote, best infographic, best video. How about if we all make a new plan. We post new stories or images one day, and the next we comment on others.

I work and see hundreds of emails streaming in, all wanting me to click on something and if I spent all day doing that, when would I work? And don’t get me going on Pinterest or Facebook, because I could spend hours reading what everybody is doing. I’m sure you feel the same way.

So, it is a time management thing, and we have a small window of opportunity each day to select just who’s posts or images to go view. Which event should we attend, and what group to be a part of?

What if I turn social media and my email off for 2-3 hours everyday. Wouldn’t that be a great way to be more productive and rest from the continuous noise… or is the answer to only turn that on for 2 hours everyday and be productive the rest of the time.

Are you posting or listening?

2 thoughts on “Is Everybody Talking and Not Listening?

  1. Lynne

    Very good point. All of can relate to what you are saying. We are so busy posting content and making comment, clicking images to see that we sometimes lose sight of what we are really supposed to be doing. I think it is a good idea to stop social media and emails for at least two to three hours a day and focus on other important tasks you should be doing.

  2. Susan Post author

    Thanks, Lynne, for your comment. Most days, I spend the first 2 hours of the day working on a project. I feel that sense of accomplishment and then can check out social media and interact a while.

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