#SeeMeTakeover LIVE in Times Square

Walking around Times Square was pretty interesting. I hadn’t been there on a Saturday for a while and as I passed the Naked Cowboy taking photos and signing autographs, and a few superheros who didn’t look much like they do in film, I settled in at my spot just off 46th Street on Broadway, next to a bunch of other artists, all here to witness the event. (There is a ton of construction which makes the area quite hard to maneuver.)

As the sun was setting, above American Eagle are quite the stack of billboards, as you’ll see in the photos and video. It’s a terrific shape as it climbs to the sky and everyone’s artwork looked amazing at that scale and illuminated by light.

The show begins with the previous advertising disappearing and going to black with just the See.Me in white letters and then each selected artist’s name is displayed followed by their artwork filling the screens. The artwork is only up for a few seconds, but I assure the impact is tremendous. Some artists had more than one piece displayed and the show was in alphabetical order and lasted 30 minutes. As we’re photographing and filming, many people from the crowds are stopping and looking up and asking about the display.

Frogs Are Green had 5 posters displayed in #SeeMeTakeover but on the first night of the display (July 24th, 2014 from 8-9 pm est), which was more of a group show, with many images filling the screens. (If anyone has images showing the FROG posters, please let me know.)

I can’t express how thrilling it was to see artwork displayed in this way, and I will continue to add imagery to my See.Me portfolio with the hope that next time my work is displayed in Times Square and at that height.

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