Being Social with Consumers

In the supermarket I spot a new brand identity/package design for Stonyfield yogurt, “Oh My Yog!” It looks friendly and appealing, and because the flavor combination sounds yummy (Madagascar Vanilla Bean) and it’s organic, I toss a few in my cart.

Oh My Yog! from StonyfieldI open the container, stir it up, add some raisins, and it’s just delicious. As the yogurt is disappearing, I see writing on the inside of the cup and I’m wondering, what is that? Once done, I rinse the cup and read. It’s a fun little story titled The Gym Bag.

Now I have to tell you, being that the cup is round, it isn’t that easy to read the story. But it is another way to connect socially with me. I’m a visual person and notice these things where others may not.

Oh My Yog! The Gym Bag story

It wasn’t an ad or a coupon, but entertainment. I have seen this before. Many organic / green product companies tell stories or share about their company on their packaging.

It’s a great way to connect with me since I have already bought the product and they are adding to the experience by being social, not just trying to sell me more products.

Since many might not have seen the story or taken the time to read it, I would recommend an additional in-store marketing action, which is to have a banner near the yogurt with one of the stories posted? Sharing one story there and talk up the containers with the others.

This is a way for the supermarket to look good as well. When it features a product, it’s telling the consumer the product is worthy of attention.


From Hewar – Social Communication Company:

…Shoppers have shared with us that one of the reasons they keep coming back to specialty food stores is because they rely on those shops to introduce them to unique brands and products that fit into their lifestyles. We also know that consumers want to know where their food comes from, who made it and how it’s produced. This presents an opportunity for specialty retailers to add value to their shoppers by communicating the many unique stories behind the brands that they carry – deepening shoppers’ attention, trust and loyalty…”


Brands spend their marketing dollars attracting new customers or trying to entice us with their new and swanky products, always working to sell, rather than to keep. Stonyfield’s type of friendly social marketing is a smart business practice because they are showing us they care a great deal about keeping us.

It’s also up to the supermarket or organic grocery to help us make informed decisions by stocking what we want, as well as what they want to sell us.

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