What It Takes To Build A Superstar Brand

Superstar brands - what it takes

Take a good look. Yes, I want you to open your own website and social media profiles right now and look at your online presence. Examine the branding, graphics and structure. Now read your own copy, not just on the homepage, but every page.

Does it match how you feel about yourself and your brand?

Does it visually represent how your brand should feel to your ideal audience, or did you just pick pink because it’s your favorite color?

There is no better time than right now to look at what it takes to be a Superstar Brand.

Discover what needs to be tweaked and what needs a makeover. If you have a vision of your business goals, hopes and dreams and you haven’t yet reached them, start by realizing that what you put out there is what you receive back. Your visual and written footprint is your  representation when you are not there. It’s the heart of your brand online.

Let’s look at a few brands and see what makes them successful!

1-Mashable: A leading website source for news, information and resources. Designed simply and effectively with the latest social and technology articles, great imagery and video. Mashable is consistent in getting content out there, and even they can enhance their marketing strategy. Several weeks back they started a new daily email marketing campaign where they share a story and the title attached to the photo is “This story is about to go viral.” Very clever because when you get even more to read it, it surely will.

2- The Nature Conservancy: Working to make a positive impact around the world, they have the navigation broken down into manageable chunks, and a clear hierarchy of importance. Note how there are 5 different areas of navigation. They use bold, colorful and interesting images to enhance their content, but the textual layout is spacious. When you keep the content clean and imagery vivid, it is a great online experience.

3- Pinterest: Who doesn’t love this visual eye-candy store? Pinterest is on a mission to be the best source for imagery online, competing with Google for the honor. They also have a very clean design structure and they respect the imagery we share, by giving it almost all the real estate. (Most users don’t make the most of this website by making sure to use keywords, website links and solid descriptions for both pins and boards which help others find you and you follow others.)

What these superstar brands have in common are the clean, spacious structure without the need for things flashing, and all are pushing the content forward. They show us clearly what they want us to be looking at and in what order.

When you define in words and in graphics what you want the world to know, it will be received and shared.

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